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Yamuna Body Rolling: Save Your Feet!

YBR Feet and extra classes flyer for June 2015-page-001

Warm weather is finally here which means people get crazy trying to get in shape for the beach. If you are about to start doing more extreme fitness, start with getting your feet in shape. Improve their alignment and function. Once you have your foundation solid the rest of the body is easier to align so you can avoid any injuries. Get in shape smart, rather than just jumping in without a plan that supports our body in getting the results you want and avoiding injuries.

“As we all start shedding our heavier closed shoes for lighter shoes, sandals and flip flops we are giving our feet freedom. But freedom without education often translates into collapsed arches, swollen ankles, puffy, pasty, and weak feet. Did you know that you can actually build stronger and improved feet while wearing flip flops?” -Yamuna Zake

In this workshop you’ll learn how to improve the muscles of your legs from working your feet, techniques to help with common foot ailments, and how to walk, especially in flip flops.