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New Space FAQs

FAQ’s for Balance Relocation

  1. Where is the New Location? 1604 Newcastle Street in Downtown Brunswick
  2. When will the new studio be open? Summer 2022 – Classes will begin August 1 with a limited schedule; more will be added as we transition away from The Club and fully into our new space. Massage, Reflexology, and other Services — October 4, 2022. Online appointment requests are for the Brunswick studio. Limited availability at The Club on SSI must be booked by phone.
  3. Is there enough parking? There is parking in front of the building, across the street, down both blocks, as well in numerous parking lots behind nearby buildings. Click here for map of downtown with marked public parking areas (beyond street parking).
  4. How far is it from your old location? Approximately 7 miles
  5. Why Downtown and not the island? After 12 years on St. Simons we found pricing and availability to be prohibitive in our ability to relocate after our previous unit sold and was no longer available to us. Downtown is revitalizing and a beautiful, suitable, affordable spot was available to us at the perfect time.
  6. Are my Class Passes Still Good? All classes passes that you paid for that are unused or that expired during COVID or during our temporary relocation transitions can be renewed and used for classes at the Brunswick location. We will continue classes at The Club for a couple more months as well.
  7. What if I don’t want to drive to BWK weekly? We will begin offering a variety of class, workshop, and specialty options that class passes can be applied to including virtual classes and challenges, one-time workshops or master classes, themed classes, and more. We realigned our pricing structure in the spring of 2021 to allow more flexibility with the Class Pass thus making it easier to use it for offerings beyond weekly classes.
  8. Are all Services being moved to Brunswick? Not immediately. We will maintain our two treatment rooms at The Club for an undetermined amount of time to continue appointments there as well as accepting appointments in Brunswick. This does mean our schedules will be changing overall, but we will work with our clients individually to incorporate those changes. Update as of October 4, 2022: we will maintain treatment rooms at The Club for a limited number of days/hours. Those appointments must be booked by phone with the practitioner. Brunswick appointments are available by phone or using our online Request an Appointment tool.
  9. What is the current COVID policy for the studio? In our new space we use an air purifier daily, as well as continue to maintain increased sanitation, disinfection, and other cleaning standards to reduce contact with contagions. This includes providing sprays, wipes, and cleaning supplies for studio mats and bolsters; individual covers for bolsters that are laundered between each use, tissue covers for eye pillows, and hand sanitizer for all students readily available. We ask students and clients who’ve had known exposure to any contagious virus or illness to please refrain from using studio services until you are properly quarantined, tested, or symptom free for the recommended amount of time. Any student who needs to wear a mask for personal protection is encouraged to do so and to inform their instructor if they need additional spacing considerations. If booking private services and you require your practitioner to be masked, please let them know in advance so they are prepared.

We’re Looking for a New Studio Space

The best laid plans . . .

Our plans to continue at 2481 Demere in a different suite have come to an end and we are on the hunt for a new space. We are looking for 1000-1500 square feet preferably toward the south end of the island. If you know of a space that is available, about to be available, available for sharing, or some other arrangement that isn’t common knowledge, please let us know!