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  • ALL Classes are now at our 1604 Newcastle Street, BWK location. Check-out the FAQ Page regarding our recent move.
  • All Online Service Appointment Requests are for the Brunswick Studio. Appointments at The Club on SSI must be booked by phone.

Costa Rica Retreat 50% deposits are due in July

Have you read about our Costa Rica Yoga Retreat? Are you planning to go with us? If so, 50% deposits are due in July! Below are instructions for Paying Your Balance if you’re already registered or Signing Up if you haven’t registered yet.
If You’ve Already Paid Your Deposit:
Go to and click the Access the Classic MindBody portal link at the bottom of the homepage
Login with your User Name and Password
Choose Online Store on the top right tab
Then Account Payments in the middle line below the tabs
In the Drop-down menu choose Costa Rica Retreat Balance

Enter the amount you’d like to pay, put it in your cart and check out

If You Need to Register:
Go to and click the Access the Classic MindBody portal link at the bottom of the homepage
Login with your User Name and Password (or use the Create an Account box if you’re new in our system)
Choose Events & Series on the middle tab, and scroll down to Costa Rica or use the Service Categories drop-down menu to sort by Yoga Series & Workshops
Click on Sign-Up button on the bottom of the event
Choose Myself or Someone Else (if registering two people, do these one at a time), then Click Enroll at the bottom of the screen
Choose Your Accommodations (prices listed are per person)
Pick your Payment Option ($650 Deposit, Set Your Own Deposit over $650, Pay in Full), add to cart, and check out
(if registering a second person, select continue shopping before checking out to add them to your cart)
Accommodations Full Price 50%
1 person Luxury Tent $1,385 $692.50
2 person Luxury Tent $1,285 $642.50
1 person Hacienda $1,655 $827.50
2 person Hacienda $1,510 $755.00
1 person Bungalow $2,065 $1,032.50
2 person Bungalow $1,715 $857.50


Fall 2017 Wellness Challenge

Sept 14: Our Fall Wellness Challenge has been postponed to October 1 – November 30 due to Hurricane Irma. More details will be updated in the coming days.

8 weeks beginning September 1

Sept 1 – Sept 11 Book a Fitness/Wellness Assessment with Megan to establish your baseline

Sept 11, 5:30-6:00pm Wellness Challenge Kick-off Meeting – join others accepting the challenge to discuss needs, schedules, and set goals for the 8 weeks
(Additional Meetings will be set based on feedback of the group)

  • Weekly Goals
  • Periodic Meetings
  • Online Checkins & Support
  • Prizes Throughout to Keep You Motivated

June Wellness Challenge

Kick-off Chat & Assessments: Sunday, June 4, 4:30pm

Click Flyer for PDF you can print for reference.

Get Yourself Ready for a Healthy, Active Summer!

First Step – Choose From One of Three Challenge Levels:

  1. Get Off the Couch
  2. Try Something New
  3. Turn It Up a Notch

Second Step – Set Your Goals:

  1. Commit to a Movement Frequency Goal
  2. Set a Movement Training Goal
  3. Set a Cardio, Strength, and/or Nutrition Goal

Third Step – Track Your Progress:

  1. Download MyFitnessPal and/or Map My Fitness on your phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop
  2. Friend Neely (nwhunter) and/or Megan (mhiggy90) in each app
  3. Post Challenge Pics on Facebook, Twitter, an/or Instagram with the hashtags #BalanceSSIChallenge and the name of your category: #getoffthecouch #trysomethingnew #turnitupanotch
  4. Fill Out a Challenge Punch-Card to track specific goals you’ve set
  5. Take Advantage of one of our Wellness Challenge Packages to Boost Your Efforts
  6. Be Eligible to Win Studio prizes – classes, workshops, discounts – as you achieve your goals

Purchase a $15 Challenge Membership to Receive a Pre/Post Assessment with Megan and eligibility for Packages Discounts (see below) and eligibility for Challenge-Completion Prizes.

Get Off the Couch

  • Come to Class 1-2x weekly (yoga, barre, Feldenkrais)
  • Set a Cardio Goal – either time or distance
    • For example: 20-30 minutes 2x/week or 1-2 miles 2x/week
  • Reduce 1 “bad” food or lifestyle habit from your routine (i.e. fewer Cokes)
  • Increase 1 “good” food or lifestyle habit from your routine (i.e. more fresh fruits)

Try Something New

  • Try a NEW weekly class or a Workshop
    • New Level or New Instructor or New Style or New Practice altogether
  • Try something new outside the studio
    • Stand-up Paddleboarding or SUP Yoga or Biking or Hiking an Island Trail; try a new strength exercise or routine (planking!) – break your routine!
  • Try a New Food Idea or Concept like Meatless Mondays, Adapting a Recipe, or making Healthy Food Substitutions (avocados instead of oil, anyone?)

Turn It Up a Notch

  • Try “All of the Things!”
    • Try one of each class on our schedule: Yoga, Barre, Feldenkrais, and a Workshop, either Meditation or Yamuna Body Rolling
  • Create a Training Goal + Plan to increase speed, duration, or distance in an activity (or combination) that you already participate in
  • Set a New Fitness or Nutrition Goal such as Counting Calories, Counting Macros, Tracking Specific Nutrients, Lowering BMI, etc

Challenge Packages

Get Off the Couch – 10% off Package of Services & Classes

  • Personal Training Session (30, 45 or 60 minute options)
  • Class Pass (6, 10, or 20 class pass or 30-day unlimited)
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • 15% off any Props or Attire in our retail store

Try Something New – 12.5% off Package of Services & Classes

  • All the Items from Get Off the Couch (Personal Training Session, Class Pass, Nutrition Consultation)
  • Workshop Registration or Additional Private Session (Yoga or Personal Training)
  • 15% off any Props or Attire in our retail store

Turn It Up a Notch – 15% off Package of Services & Classes

  • All the Items from Try Something New (Personal Training session, Class Pass, Nutrition Consultation, Workshop Registration or Additional Private Session)
  • Extra Private Movement Session or Service Appointment (Massage or Reflexology)
  • 15% off any Props or Attire in our Retail Store