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June Wellness Challenge

Kick-off Chat & Assessments: Sunday, June 4, 4:30pm

Click Flyer for PDF you can print for reference.

Get Yourself Ready for a Healthy, Active Summer!

First Step – Choose From One of Three Challenge Levels:

  1. Get Off the Couch
  2. Try Something New
  3. Turn It Up a Notch

Second Step – Set Your Goals:

  1. Commit to a Movement Frequency Goal
  2. Set a Movement Training Goal
  3. Set a Cardio, Strength, and/or Nutrition Goal

Third Step – Track Your Progress:

  1. Download MyFitnessPal and/or Map My Fitness on your phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop
  2. Friend Neely (nwhunter) and/or Megan (mhiggy90) in each app
  3. Post Challenge Pics on Facebook, Twitter, an/or Instagram with the hashtags #BalanceSSIChallenge and the name of your category: #getoffthecouch #trysomethingnew #turnitupanotch
  4. Fill Out a Challenge Punch-Card to track specific goals you’ve set
  5. Take Advantage of one of our Wellness Challenge Packages to Boost Your Efforts
  6. Be Eligible to Win Studio prizes – classes, workshops, discounts – as you achieve your goals

Purchase a $15 Challenge Membership to Receive a Pre/Post Assessment with Megan and eligibility for Packages Discounts (see below) and eligibility for Challenge-Completion Prizes.

Get Off the Couch

  • Come to Class 1-2x weekly (yoga, barre, Feldenkrais)
  • Set a Cardio Goal – either time or distance
    • For example: 20-30 minutes 2x/week or 1-2 miles 2x/week
  • Reduce 1 “bad” food or lifestyle habit from your routine (i.e. fewer Cokes)
  • Increase 1 “good” food or lifestyle habit from your routine (i.e. more fresh fruits)

Try Something New

  • Try a NEW weekly class or a Workshop
    • New Level or New Instructor or New Style or New Practice altogether
  • Try something new outside the studio
    • Stand-up Paddleboarding or SUP Yoga or Biking or Hiking an Island Trail; try a new strength exercise or routine (planking!) – break your routine!
  • Try a New Food Idea or Concept like Meatless Mondays, Adapting a Recipe, or making Healthy Food Substitutions (avocados instead of oil, anyone?)

Turn It Up a Notch

  • Try “All of the Things!”
    • Try one of each class on our schedule: Yoga, Barre, Feldenkrais, and a Workshop, either Meditation or Yamuna Body Rolling
  • Create a Training Goal + Plan to increase speed, duration, or distance in an activity (or combination) that you already participate in
  • Set a New Fitness or Nutrition Goal such as Counting Calories, Counting Macros, Tracking Specific Nutrients, Lowering BMI, etc

Challenge Packages

Get Off the Couch – 10% off Package of Services & Classes

  • Personal Training Session (30, 45 or 60 minute options)
  • Class Pass (6, 10, or 20 class pass or 30-day unlimited)
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • 15% off any Props or Attire in our retail store

Try Something New – 12.5% off Package of Services & Classes

  • All the Items from Get Off the Couch (Personal Training Session, Class Pass, Nutrition Consultation)
  • Workshop Registration or Additional Private Session (Yoga or Personal Training)
  • 15% off any Props or Attire in our retail store

Turn It Up a Notch – 15% off Package of Services & Classes

  • All the Items from Try Something New (Personal Training session, Class Pass, Nutrition Consultation, Workshop Registration or Additional Private Session)
  • Extra Private Movement Session or Service Appointment (Massage or Reflexology)
  • 15% off any Props or Attire in our Retail Store